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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best of 2010

A year end review of photos I took in 2010 (not of family or the kids). Starts at New Year's 2009, ends December 27th, 2010. Not a lot to show for 2010, I was pregnant and bought my first house. Hence, I was too busy, too hot, and didn't feel like taking much. A new year awaits.....


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ten Things, a List

Ten Things You Should Always Bite The Bullet And Spend Money On

1. Hair Cuts. Ten dollar haircuts are out. Unless you're a dude- then this doesn't apply to you. "Hi I'm Brittany, I just got out of beauty school five months ago." That's not gonna fly with me at this age. It worked when I was twenty five and very poor, but at 31 I'm sorta poor, I can splurge for the person with more work experience.

2. Hair Dye. Even I get tempted by that box of $2.99 Revlon. But in the end, I've still got white old lady hairs poking out. Until I can look like Emmy Lou Harris, I cannot have this.

3. Underwear. Five pairs (25 bucks) from Vicky's last forever (Seriously, forever). Fiver pairs from Hanes last..actually I don't know, I haven't boughten them in years. Middle ground, that "Gillian what's it called" brand at Target.

4. Gin. If you are lucky enough to get out of the house and get drinks with your friends, then by god you get the Tangeray or the Sapphire damnit. No house gin for your tonic..I never get to do this, does it show?

5. Clothes. The more expensive clothing (on sale!! End of season clearance!!) the longer it lasts, holds it's shape, and also the more tailored. If it's expensive it shows, and you look good. Target, lasts me one season and I have to throw it away! Old Navy, never really fits that just me?

6. Bras. Yeah, once again, no one ever sees it, but if you put the money into it, it lasts longer and it holds you up higher..and we can all see that. Especially for big boobied girls like me. If it can't hold you up, it's not doing it's job and should be taken out back and burned.

7. Things you love that make you smile. If you love little jumping wooden puppets (I just started buying them for Maya, love em) then by god you buy that ten dollar toy made in Austria. If you love hot pink 1950's Pyrex, then by god you have your momma buy you some (thanks momma). If you love the color turquoise, then just keep buying vintage blue stuff....because it's pretty and it makes you smile.

8. Chocolate. We can't always buy expensive chocolate, sometimes Hershey's is easiest to get. But oh, my god, handmade chocolates taste soooooo much better that you can actually taste the weird chemicals in Russell Stover's and your face goes, "blaghh." So, treat yourself every once in a while and buy something made fresh. Your face will go "aaawwweesooomme!"

9. Cheese. Once again, can't do it everyday but if you get to Wisconsin, you buy the damn nine year old sharp cheddar and you love every morsel of it...and that wine from that place in Door County.

10. This is the most important thing you can spend your money on. SHOES. Especially RUNNING SHOES. Your feet, which you walk on everyday, will thank you. They will thank you by not having severe pains that plague you your whole life. They will thank you when you're eight months pregnant and you can barely walk it hurts so bad, but at least those expensive shoes help a little. They will help you on that last push of a quarter mile with Led Zeppelin in your ipod cheering you on.

They will help you not cry too much when you look at your purple italian leather stilettos that don't fit anymore after having a baby. (100 dollars marked down to 15 at Dillard's.) At least they look pretty!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Off Days

Sometimes pictures look better on a tiny LCD screen, less pixelidated, more vibrant. Then you get home and see them in their actually size and you deflate. And these sometimes are when you realize, you really know nothing about photography and how fancy SLR cameras work. These sometimes are when I miss film, but at the same time don't. These sometimes are when I wish talent grew on trees, good photography was just point and click, and cookies didn't make you fat.

I threw in that last part not because it works in context, but because it's true. I really wish cookies didn't make you fat.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Frozen Fog

New layout. Because everything looks better in black.